Horror scenes as Putins men turn Ukraine power plant into inferno

Russian state TV pundits clash over military action in Ukraine

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Ukraine has over the past week been pursuing a number of counter-offences. It is understood that Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces have recaptured a good deal of land that was taken by Russia in the early stages of its “special military operation”.

Moscow, according to some commentators, also now finds itself in its most precarious position in the conflict so far.

Following these events, Russia launched strikes on a number of infrastructure sites.

Images show Ukrainian firefighters working to extinguish flames at one thermal power plant damaged by a missile strike in Kharkiv.

Kyiv later announced that blackouts had been experienced in a number of locations because of the damage.

Kharkiv Governor Olegh Synehubov also last night announced: “The [Russian] occupiers have struck critical infrastructure in the city and region of Kharkiv.

“In several population centres, there are no electrical or water supplies.

“Fires have broken out where these strikes occurred and emergency crews… are containing the blazes.”

President Zelensky stressed that “no military facilities” were struck.

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Instead, he claimed Russia’s “goal is to deprive people of light and heat”.

Others insisted the strikes which led to blackouts were acts of revenge following the reclaiming of land by Ukraine.

Dnipropetrovsk Governor Valentyn Reznichenko wrote in a post on the social media platform Telegram: “They are unable to reconcile themselves to defeats on the battlefield.”

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BBC journalist Francis Scarr noted that there was an inconsistency in Russia’s response to the strikes.

In a post on Twitter, he quoted Russian war reporter Yevgeny Poddubny who claimed they were “important for victory”, also describing them as “retaliatory measures”.

Mr Scarr asked what it was Russia was supposed to be retaliating too, given officials have said their troops are not retreating from key areas in Ukraine but are merely “regrouping”.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the strikes were simply the beginning and that worse was yet to come.

He wrote: “Putin plans more of such tactics in the winter and tests the waters. He must get a tough response now.”

Mr Kuleba argued: “Russia must be recognised state sponsor of terrorism.”

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