Horror as parents brag about murdering girl,5, and dumping body in bin in honour killing

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The five-year-old was allegedly murdered by her parents in Syria as part of an “honour killing”. The gruesome act was carried out after she was kidnapped and raped by a stranger. The child was kidnapped on November 18 and raped by an unidentified man.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has said that Internal Security Forces have arrested several members of her family.

A spokesperson for SOHR said: “She was brutally assaulted until the crime was completed by killing her with machine guns and pistols by more than one person.

“The family bragged about publishing a horrific video clip showing the murder of a girl by bullets, near an abandoned house in the countryside.”

It has been claimed the unidentified man was riding a motorbike at the time of the kidnapping.

The little girl had left her house to meet her father in the local olive orchards.

The horrific incident happened in the Al-Shahba area of Syria.

Later the child’s family murdered her and dumped her body in a bin.

The child’s body was found in a refuse container in Manbiji in northern Syria on January 27.

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Her body was immediately transferred to Al Furat Hospital which lies east of Aleppo.

The girl’s parents have denied killing their daughter.

There is now an ongoing investigation into the murder.

There has been a spate of honour killings in Syria according to the SOHR.

In July last year, a girl was dragged to an abandoned house and shot by her tribe in a so-called “honour killing”.

The execution was carried out after she tried to run away with her lover and refused to marry her cousin.

The woman had been starved and beaten for many days before being executed by her family.

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