Historians have made a new revelation about Anne Frank 72 years after her death

Many people will be familiar with the sad tale of Anne Frank, the Jewish child who had to spend her childhood locked in an annex so as to avoid the Nazis in 1940s Amsterdam — but now historians have found a fresh theory related to Anne Franks death.

During the 1940s, Nazis had invaded the Netherlands and were sending Jewish people to concentration camps.

The family decided to go into hiding above a business building, where they stayed hidden for two years, remaining as quiet as possible.

Living up some secret stairs, behind a bookshelf, the family remained out of sight.

However in 1994 the unthinkable happened — the family were discovered and sent off to concentration camps.

Out of the eight Jewish people seized from the annex, only one survived, Anne’s father, Otto Frank — the seven others died before the holocaust was over.

Anne died at the age of 15 from typhus whilst at the Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany.

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During Anne’s time in the annex, she wrote in her diary, expressing her thoughts, feelings, along with events that happened whilst in hiding.

Anne’s story was published and shared with the world exposing the terrible tale of the events that took place in 1942 and their hidden life in the annex.

Who told on Anne Frank?

Having lost his family and survived the Holocaust, Otto tried for decades to investigate further into how they were discovered and who tipped them off.

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Now, 72 years later historians at the Anne Frank museum have a new theory as to why Anne Frank and her family were discovered in the very hidden annex.

They believe it was a coincidence.

Previous theories stated that the family has been exposed by a potential new employee at Otto’s business.

Now, after years of speculations and theories about how the family were discovered — this new theory has come to light.

A research paper published by the Anne Frank house this month states why the previous theory could be wrong “this explicit focus on betrayal, however, limits the perspective of the arrest. … [O]ther scenarios tend to be overshadowed.”

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Although Otto believed that the family were exposed by employee Williem, it was never proved.

In 1963 Otto told a Dutch newspaper “We suspected him all along,”

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On the museum’s website, it claims that Williem was an inquisitive person and became suspicious of the upstairs annex, stating “Williem laid a trap in the warehouse once: on the corners of the tables there are sheets of paper which fall off when you walk past.”

This theory was never confirmed with evidence.

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The new information discovered by the researchers has revealed that the three investigators who found the Franks were in fact not looking for Jews, but instead looking for people who were committing ration card fraud or had been avoiding military service.

Arrests for these types of crimes were reported to authorities and Anne had frequently written about these in her diary.

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