Hillary Clinton whines ‘go away’ Trump as she issues alarming US election 2020 prediction

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Hillary Clinton, 72, has accused Donald Trump of getting “bored” of coronavirus as she claims it hurt his re-election campaign. The former rival to the US President explained Mr Trump has tried to divert news away from coronavirus. She added that he hasn’t held any task force meetings in the past few weeks.

Speaking to Kay Burley on Sky News, Mrs Clinton said: “His refusal to lead, to take any responsibility, he says, ‘I don’t take any responsibility’.

“To heed the warnings that were coming for quite some time before the cases exploded, to listen to the scientists, to reassure people, to lead by example.

“Finally he just got bored of it and thought it was hurting him and his chances of re-election.

“There hasn’t been a task force meeting, he hasn’t talked to the leading scientists in a number of weeks.

“He’s gone back to trying to divert and deflect away from his failures at that particular time in our country’s history.”

It comes as 119,000 US citizens have died from COVID-19 in the past few months.

But President Trump said he won’t be closing the US again.

He told Fox News: “We won’t be closing the country again. We won’t have to do that.”

Trump’s political team, meanwhile, forged ahead with plans for a campaign rally on Saturday in Tulsa, his first such event since stay-at-home restrictions were imposed across much of the country in March to fight the coronavirus.

Public health experts worry that assembling thousands of shouting, chanting people inside an arena – particularly if many aren’t wearing masks – could turn the rally into a coronavirus “super-spreader event.”

Trump, in a Fox News interview on Wednesday, repeated an assertion he has made in the past that the coronavirus, with or without the advent of a vaccine or new effective treatment, is “fading away.”

“It’s going to fade away, but having a vaccine would be really nice, and that’s going to happen,” he added.


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Trump’s campaign advisers see the rally as a chance to rejuvenate his political base after a string of national and state opinion polls showed the president trailing Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt during a briefing on Wednesday: “Ultimately, the president doesn’t ask for permission before he goes to places.

“So we found out that president was coming, so we are going to make sure it’s the best and as safe as possible.”

Oklahoma health officials are urging anyone attending the rally to get tested for the coronavirus before arriving and then to self-isolate following the event and get tested again. The health commissioner urged those over 65 or at higher risk of coronavirus-related complications to stay home.

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