Heroic WW2 nurse celebrates 100th birthday by skydiving but wont do it again

A nurse who served on the front line of World War Two by helping wounded soldiers has celebrated her 100th birthday in style with a skydiving trip.

Raymonde Sullivan from Florida decided to mark her centenary by leaping out of a plane, vowing to friends that if she ever made it to 100 she'd jump out of a plane to celebrate.

Her friends were sceptical and didn't believe Sullivan, 100, would keep her promise, yet the WW2 nurse defied her critics and leaped out of a plane.

The defiant birthday girl decided she was to prove her sceptics wrong, with the former nurse celebrating her 100th by skydiving.

Even at 100 years of age, the Florida resident, who was originally from England and treated soldiers during the World War Two on the frontline, wanted to push herself out of her comfort zone.

Sullivan said: "I had never done it and I've done a lot of things in 100 years. I thought I must do it while I can."

The 100-year-old took the bold plunge out of a plane while attached to her skydiving instructor and successfully skydived, landing safely.

Sullivan has said she has no plans to attempt skydiving again and that the trip was a one-time event.

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She added that the experience of her skydiving trip had been "scary, I would say it is".

When asked if she fancied another trip skydiving, the 100-year-old laughed and said: "No, no."

The 100-year-old's skydiving days may be over, but Sullivan said she was delighted with herself for keeping her word after saying to friends she would celebrate her centenary by skydiving.

She was delighted with her achievement, but has said for certain that her skydiving trip would be a one-time experience, a once in a lifetime trip for the former nurse, The Mirror reported.

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