Heartbroken man begs people to ‘wake’ up just moments after wife dies of Covid

A devastated husband who lost his wife to coronavirus has made a desperate plea to urge people to look after themselves.

Martin Freeborn spoke to BBC journalist Clive Myrie yesterday (January 18) from Royal London Hospital – just moments after his wife had died.

The pensioner said: "My wife lost her fight for life.

"It was a mixture of Covid and infection that finally finished her off. [This is] in the last half hour, I've lost her."

Martin's wife Helen, 64, was one of the 130 Covid-19 patients at the hospital.

Asked what message Martin would like to share to the people who believe the virus is a hoax, he said: "It makes me really angry.

"Nobody wants to go through this. I wouldn't wish this on anybody.

"This really is horrible. It's real, and people do really have to look after themselves and take care, because you don't want this to happen.

"I wouldn't wish this on anybody."

He also pleaded with people to wake up and be over-careful.

"You can't do enough to keep yourself safe," he added. "Don't end up like us."

Martin also revealed that a letter sent by their daughters arrived too late and Helen had been put on a ventilator and did not get the chance to read it.

The camera then cuts to show his three daughters – Laura, Lindsay and Meghan – breaking down in tears as they read out the letter.

Viewers who watched the programme were left in tears at the story.

One said: "Such dignity from this man, his wife had barely died and he wanted to speak on camera. Watched it on news last night."

ITV royal editor Chris Ship also shared the story, adding: "I do so here out of utter respect and admiration for all those in the NHS battling day in day out to get us through this pandemic. To call them heroes, doesn’t do them justice."

It came after a NHS nurse at University College Hospital revealed that they have been forced to prioritise which coronavirus patients get treatment in order to save more lives.

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