Harry wouldve married posh lady not Meghan if Diana survived, butler claims

If Princess Diana was still alive Prince Harry would have married a "young aristocratic lady from England", and not Meghan Markle, Paul Burrell has claimed.

Burrell, who was Diana's butler between 1987 up until her death in 1997, gave an amateur Freudian psychology lesson, saying that Harry "heard his mother's voice" when he met Meghan.

Divorcee Burrell, who admits he was annoyed that Harry called him "mummy's butler" in his memoir Spare, made the mad claims in a chat with Slingo.

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The 64-year-old said: “Had she had her way and if she was still here, Harry wouldn’t be doing what he’d be doing now.

“He probably would’ve married Cressida Bonas or Chelsea Davy, or a young aristocratic lady from England and settled down in the Royal Family, in his routine which he loved.

“He loved the army, his uniforms, his public service and they would’ve buckled down to it.

“But this is my theory; when he lost his mother aged 11 he was lost, in a wilderness, completely lost until he met a 36-year-old, mature woman who whispered in his ear that she wanted to change the world. He didn’t hear Meghan’s voice, he heard his mother’s voice.

“That’s what changed the game.”

Burrell's sensational comments could well be a response to Harry's memoir, which he said he was "intensely annoyed" at.

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Burrell channelled his inner marriage expert and continued: “Diana was 36 when she died. The parallels are unbelievable. Nobody’s drawn that parallel before.

“Meghan being 36 and knowing her mind, being a strong independent personality, Harry has to have seen in Meghan something, some strong element of his mother.

“He has to have recognised that at that time.

“Before he’d been going out with young women who weren’t matured, who didn’t have the foresight, the dream to do something with their lives, Meghan did.

“So Meghan’s hook caught the big fish Harry. I could see Meghan marrying a footballer, or a film star but she bagged a prince and princes trump movie stars and footballers."


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