Harry slammed as embarrassment with viewers left cringing at awkward silence

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Prince Harry has left some royal fans "cringing" as they slammed him as an "embarrassment" during an awkward surprise call to the Invictus Games athletes.

The Duke of Sussex video called the athletes from his California home via video link in the lead up to the games beginning next week in Hague, the Netherlands.

Harry, who founded the event, cheered along with the team as they welcomed him with applause and shouts – but things got awkward when the Duke addressed them with a question.

He asked the room: "Is everyone excited or are people nervous?"

The room went quiet for a while as members of the team didn't know how to respond to the ex-royal.

The brief call continued with a few more awkward moments sprinkled throughout, including when the Duke looked for his old coach, asking: "Is my PTI from Sandhurst in here somewhere?"

When everyone pointed at her, Harry said: "There she is! I can't believe after 15 years our paths are crossing again. You used to shout at me so much!"

Everyone laughed, and she responded, chuckling: "You needed it!"

The royal added: "I needed it. Yeah, cool. That’s also fair enough."

However some royal fans have been reacting to the call with some rudely claiming the Duke left them "cringing" and slamming him as "embarrassing".

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One fan wrote: "Just embarrassing."

Another meanly wrote: "Harry was the Prince of Cringe…now he's plain Mr Cringe, you need to look through your fingers as he speaks."

"Well, that was awkward," said a third.

While others believed the call and raucous laughter was "staged".

One theorised: "Oh, the fake laughter he added to the video! Look closely and nobody is laughing at all."

Another said: "To be honest the whole thing looked staged.

"When the veterans did laugh it was in unison, it didn't appear to start and stop spontaneously, it was as though there were prompts."

Representatives for the Duke of Sussex have been contacted for comment.

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