Harry nervous and embarrassed in Netflix doc, says body language expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exposed their “true emotions” in their new Netflix documentary, a body language expert has said.

Darren Stanton, on behalf of Betfair Casino, discussed with the New York Post the “telltale” signs that have been revealed in the new series, including Harry’s “embarrassment” and “nervousness”.

The new programme, Harry & Meghan, revealed truths about how the famous couple had met, which saw the Prince arrive half an hour late for their first date.

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Speaking in the documentary he said: “I was panicking, I was freaking out, I was sweating”.

Stanton had a lot to say on the matter, commenting: “Whilst speaking about their first date, Prince Harry started to go a little bit red, which is congruent with embarrassment.

“He then started to touch his face and nose — signals which are referred to as pacifying gestures”.

This means actions that give self-assurance in moments where they speak about uncomfortable things.

Stanton continued that, on this matter, Harry, “has the urge to shy away from it.”

He continued: “When we think about a memory the unconscious mind believes we are reliving it, so, therefore, evokes all of the emotion that the person felt in that memory”.

Stanton added: “Even though Meghan and Harry are in the present day speaking about their first date, the unconscious mind of Harry is triggering all of those past feelings and that is why we saw him go red and become fidgety”.

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Meghan however, he reckoned, was more confident.

Stanton said: “In terms of body language in this particular clip, Harry comes across as jittery and quite nervous, however, Meghan is completely calm and controlled,” Stanton said. “Let’s not forget that she is very used to doing pieces on camera through her acting career. She knows how to perform to her best.

“In this particular clip, she is definitely the most confident person due to the fact that her body language conveys composure”.

In a sweet observation, he noted the playful way the couple had interacted in the footage:

“It’s clear that they have a great sense of humour around each other and both of them are willing to demonstrate that in front of the cameras,” he said.

“Meghan was quite playful when Harry was speaking about him seeing her with a dog filter on social media as the pair laughed,”

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