Harry exposed ‘entitlement’ with name Wills would not use, commentator believes

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle overstepped the mark by using the Queen’s nickname Lilibet which other members of the Royal Family would never do, royal commentators believe.

The Sussexes have been accused of acting “arrogantly and entitled” by thinking they could use Lilibet by Sarah Vine and Richard Eden on the Palace Confidential podcast.

The first name of their second child is a nod to the Queen, who was given the nickname by her father as she was unable to say "Elizabeth" at a young age. Prince Philip later adopted the moniker as an intimate display of affection for his wife.

But the name choice has sparked controversy in some circles, with Sarah previously claiming it was a "cynical ploy" to keep their daughter within the royal fold.

Sarah, a columnist for Daily Mail, and Richard, the paper's diary editor, both said other members of the Royal Family knew it wouldn’t be right to give their children such an intimate name for the Queen.

“None of the other royal children have done it, again there is a sort of entitlement there isn’t there?” Sarah told Palace Confidential.

“Why are they entitled to use the Queen’s nickname, why can’t William and Kate? Because William and Kate would not be so presumptuous.”

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Richard agreed, adding: “Let’s be frank this would never have occurred to Zara Tindall to name their daughter Lilibet they would know not in a million years.”

Sarah claimed the other royals "would think it would be too presumptuous, arrogant and entitled" to name their children Lilibet.

The commentators agreed that the Queen needed to be asked about using Lilibet because it is a nickname.

Vine said: “Presumably it is just a courtesy anyway but I think the reason why they would have had to have asked her permission is because it is her nickname, it is not her name they are using.

"They are using her private family nickname."

A spokesman for the Sussexes have confirmed Harry spoke with his family “in advance of the birth announcement” and that the Queen was “the first family member he called”.

They added: “During that conversation, he shared their hope of naming their daughter Lilibet in her honour. Had she not been supportive, they would not have used the name.”

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