Harry and Meghan pulling moves out of B-list star playbook in LA, says expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are "pulling moves out of the B-list star playbook" as they struggle for relevance in the US, a royal commentator has claimed.

Daniela Elser, writing for news.au.com, said that after months of their popularity plummeting, the pair are taking to extreme measures, being papped outside LA eateries and bars.

Elser said that Harry and Meghan started being snapped at "LA hotspots" despite that being "a four-hour round trip from home" in Montecito, California.

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She used the example of the pair enjoying a visit to LA private members club, the San Vicente Bungalows, just days after King Charles made the call to have them move out of Frogmore Cottage.

A member reportedly told Page Six that “they have way bigger stars than Harry and Meghan coming in and no one will ever know they’re there”.

The member told the publication that Harry and Meghan chose to leave via the front door, where a slew of paparazzi were stationed.

Just over a week later she was papped outside Gracias Madre.

Page Six said the repeated trips represent how the couple “seem to be playing the Hollywood game like the old pro that former Suits actress Markle is”.

Elser added: "Soon, we will hit the point where the couple will have been in North America for twice (40 months) as long as they lived in the UK after their wedding (20 months).

"While the royal family are off being welcomed like junior members behind the scenes, the Sussexes seem to be, for whatever reason, pulling moves out of the B-list star playbook."

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There is no suggestion that the former royal pair were attempting to be papped on purpose, with the whole point of their leaving The Firm being a means to enjoy a more regular lifestyle – like going out for lunch or dinner.

But Elser reckons it seems to be a means of staying relevant, because Meghan has no work on.

"I suppose that the Duchess of Sussex might have a whole lot of time in her day with no confirmed projects or jobs on her agenda. At all," she wrote.

She added that despite Harry's job as Chief Impact Officer for BetterUp, he is quiet on the work front too.

"The couple’s diaries are looking, as far as is publicly known, inauspiciously empty," Elser wrote.

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