Harrowing last messages from trio whose throats were slit on beach

Text messages have revealed some of the last words from three women murdered during a beach holiday. Ecuadorian fishermen found the bodies of Denisse Reyna, 19, Yuliana Macias, 21, and Nayeli Tapia, 22, buried in a shallow grave on the banks of the Esmeraldas River on April 5. Police concluded the three women had their throats slit before their attackers buried them in the area, and text messages to their loved ones have revealed the trio had clocked something was wrong.

The Daily Mirror reported that Ms Tapia, a model and the eldest of the three, raised the alarm before she died. Her sister received a text message from her on WhatsApp at 11.10am containing a live location.

The mum-of-one said she was sending her sister the location “just in case”. The message was her last, and the fishermen found her and her friends’ bodies nearby the location she sent.

The other two women had sent similar messages to their loved ones, with 19-year-old Ms Reyna saying in another text that she felt “something is going to happen”.

The Agricultural Engineering student at the State Technical University of Quevedo said: “I feel that something is going to happen and if something happens to me, remember that I love you very much.”

The women were found by the Ecuadorian fishermen on April 5 after they spotted a dog rooting around near the river and smelt a foul stench.

Relatives told the local press they came from Santo Domingo, and that they initially believed the women were hired for a musical presentation when they disappeared.

Ms Reyna was the first to leave home on April 4 when she was picked up from her home by a car around 9am.

She was reportedly invited to the Casa Blanca Hotel in Same, Ecuador.

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She and the driver later picked up Ms Tapia, and the two returned to Ms Reyna’s home to confirm their trip. Ms Macias, a singing student who performed with local band Las Diablitas, joined later that night after telling her family she was leaving to meet a friend.

She later uploaded a video to WhatsApp of the three singing in a car, but authorities have not confirmed what happened next.

Quininde Police revealed that injuries to their bodies indicated attackers had used sharp weapons, and that their hands were bound.

A spokesman for the police said the women were “young” and were wearing “beach clothes, bathing suits, light clothing, shorts” as they died.

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