Hapless Mercedes driver accidentally presses accelerate and crashes new £25k car

A hapless Mercedes driver was mocked on social media after they accidentally pressed accelerate instead of reverse – and mounted a bin.

Pictures of the brand new £25,000 A-Class model show the silver car suspended off the ground.

Police say the driver had just bought the automatic car and "mistook reverse and parked on the rubbish bin".

The bizarre crash happened outside a Spar shop on Chester Road, Preston Brook, Cheshire, on Saturday (27/11) morning.

Writing on the Daresbury and Windmill PoliceFacebook page, the force said: "Assisted with a minor RTC in Preston Brook this morning.

"A driver who had a newly acquired automatic vehicle mistook drive for reverse and parked on the rubbish bin.

"Apologies if you were unable to access the shops car park whilst we were recovering the vehicle.

"Happily the bin came away mostly unscathed as we managed to pop it back in place. Damage has been reported to the parish council."

Social media users were quick to mock the dopey driver.

Julie Greer wrote: "His parking is rubbish."

Richard Steven added: "Test results are back. Can a Mercedes fit in a bin? Answer: no."

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Ian Berry joked: "Did you ask the driver where they had bin???"

Another user, Kate Fuller joked: "Will they get a littering fine as well?"

One user pointed out that the Daresbury and Windmill Police took "at least two and a half hours" to appear on the scene.

In response, the police force Facebook page clarified saying: "It wasn’t called in to us as an incident. We were in the village for another reason and stumbled across it. More than happy to assist where the owner's recovery company couldn’t though and got the issue sorted as quickly as possible."

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