Gull offering 15 cent petrol discount till Friday midday after Governments tax cut

Gull service stations are offering motorists a 15 cent per litre discount until Friday midday.

Last week, to counter the rising cost of living, the Government temporarily pulled 25 cents a litre off its fuel excise duty and told the petrol companies to pass it on. That should be a saving of about $11 to fill a 40-litre tank and $17 for a 60-litre tank.

Starting from 7am today till midday on Friday, all Gull petrol stations across the country will have discounted petrol and there is no minimum spend or no maximum fill restrictions.

Gull’s Pricing Analyst, Crystal Feist, said before price reductions, the cost of fuel prices had shot to never-before-seen highs because of uncertainty resulting from Russia’s attack on Ukraine and a supply shortage after many countries eased Covid restrictions.

“Gull always looks to provide pricing relief wherever possible, including where there are geopolitical issues impacting the world. Everything that happens in the world has a flow-on effect to New Zealand’s markets, especially when it comes to fuel. Uncertainty leads manufacturers and suppliers to increase prices which in turn pushes up prices at the pumps as fuel retailers can’t absorb the cost increase,” she said.

Fuel prices were already rising before Russia invaded Ukraine, which occurred on February 24, and quickly sent prices to over $3 a litre for regular 91. They were the highest they have ever been in New Zealand, causing people to change how they live.

Gull says their average price for regular (91) will sit at $2.417 and Force 10 (98) being $2.704. While on average diesel will be priced at $2.027.

Atiamuri in South Waikato will be offering the lowest regular (91) at $2.267 per litre and Te Kuiti will be selling the lowest diesel price at $1.937 per litre.

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