Groom from hell hits new wife in the head in front of horrified wedding guests

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A groom left his guests stunned when he hit his wife after losing a game during their wedding reception.

Footage filmed by one of the guests at the party shows the newly betrothed couple standing on a LED-decorated stage with two friends.

The bride and groom participate in a game and are competing to be the fastest in an unspecified game in front of the guests.

When she raises her hand to claim her win, her husband looks at her and raises his hand subsequently.

But he gets upset and punches her in the head right afterwards, sending shockwaves to the bride and the guests.

The distraught bride is led off the stage by two women while the best man remains silent and nervously fidgeting with his phone next to the groom.

The wedding ceremony was said to be in Uzbekistan and it is not known what happened after the filming stopped.

It is unclear if this was an arranged marriage.

Viewers on social media were fuming after they watched the footage.

One wrote: "'This is so sad. I hope she will find courage to charge him and keep him accountable for his actions."

A second commented: "Good this was out on the internet to shame this horrible man.

"But I hope she can be taken away from him. How can her parents watch this? What is he some mafia goon? How appalling!"

The country has a history of arranged marriages, although these are less common today.

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But it is not the first time a video has emerged showing a groom lashing out at his new wife in the country.

A similar incident happened in 2019 where a groom angrily lashed out at his bride after she teased him by pretending to take his wedding cake away.

The groom hit her so hard that she stumbled back onto a seat behind her.

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