Gov. Jared Polis arguing Space Command, U.S. BLM must stay in Colorado

DENVER — Gov. Jared Polis is urging the Biden administration to keep the headquarters of two key U.S. government agencies in Colorado, arguing the U.S. Space Command and the Bureau of Land Management serve the nation’s interests better if they stay where they are.

Polis’ office released a letter Thursday urging Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to review the Donald Trump administration’s Jan. 13 announcement that the new U.S. Space Command headquarters will be in Huntsville, Alabama, home to the Army’s Redstone Arsenal. The command provisionally is located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

The Air Force announcement stunned Colorado leaders, who insisted U.S. military officials had urged then-President Trump to keep the command at Peterson.

Polis also urged President Biden in a letter to keep the BLM headquarters in Grand Junction. The Trump administration insisted that moving the BLM’s headquarters from Washington to Colorado would better serve the agency’s oversight of nearly 388,000 square miles (1 million square kilometers) of federal public land — 99% of it in the West.

“I implore you to think of this as an opportunity for better communication, better policy and better government, rather than just associating this with the many other misguided legacies of your predecessor,” the Democratic governor wrote.

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