Google Maps users spot dogs bounding after Street View van in wholesome chase

Google Maps users have been left charmed by the sweet sight of puppies playfully chasing the van down the road.

In the post shared to Twitter, which was subsequently shared by 'wholesome meme' pages, the caption reads: "2 dogs chasing the Google Maps van."

In the images, you can see two adorable fluffy strays having what looks like the best day of their lives as they try and catch up to the cameras.

They appear to be bounding down the street together, enjoying the sunshine as they hang their tongues out to the wind.

"Current mood: dog chasing the Google Maps van," one user wrote.

Another added: "My first tweet wasn't even mine, it was a retweet of a dog chasing a Google Maps Van."

It has not been confirmed where the 10th Avenue is located as it is a popular street name in the US.

However, they aren't the only stray dogs to be captured on the site.

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Last week, reports emerged that users were left stunned after a dog apparently still living in the same area of Bulgaria seven years later.

A series of photos reveal the dog, which is believed to be a stray, roaming the streets of Ruse in 2012 and again in 2019.

The original photo shows the sandy-coloured dog appearing behind a car in what appears to be a parking area.

In the latest image captured by the Google Maps camera car, the dog can be seen lying on a cobbled surface on Matei Stoykov Street.

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Dogs on Google Maps have become a popular pastime for users with dozens of cute canines delighting people.

Although one of the most popular dog-related Google Maps gem came in the from a dog walker being cut out of the image.

In a neighbourhood in Germany, the editing of the image takes out the body of the walker, leaving the impression of the dog being walked by a ghost.

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