Golden retriever leaves mum in stitches for her hilarious routine during TV time

A golden retriever has left her owner in hysterics when she spotted cartoon dogs and cats playing on television.

Cozy the 22-month-old English cream goldie is full of beans every time owner Bobbie Hosfeldt-Ward and her family members get comfy on the sofa for a relaxing time in front of the telly.

She gets most excited if the television plays animal cartoons, and in particular The Secret Life of Pets.

Sharing Cozy's reaction to other dog mums on Facebook, Bobbie says: "I have never had a golden retriever like this…they watched TV, but not like this!"

The playful dog sits right in front of the screen and her watchful eyes stare as the movie plays a fight scene between dogs and cats.

Cozy joins forces with the canine characters in the movie and barks fiercely at the felines to "defend" her pals.

She even makes a pounce and places her paws on the television.

Bobbie couldn't stop giggling while watching Cozy react to the animation.

The dog mum, from northern California, told Daily Star in an exclusive interview that Cozy likes to join her and her husband to watch television together.

She said: "Most of the time, she’s between my husband Geoffrey and I, on the couch, and she literally watches every show and commercial with us.

"She really loves commercials, especially anything with animals in it. She leaps off the couch, and bolts towards the TV. This is every night!"

Bobbie, who works as a voice teacher from home, said she resorted to "bad parenting tactics" to keep Cozy and her three other golden retrievers busy, especially during rainy days.

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"She [Cozy] loves her TV time. Occasionally, she’ll chew a bone, or play with her squeaky toys, but in general her attention and eyes are always on the television!

"She loves other doggies, and plays with them a lot, rain or shine, but she goes crazy for cats and dogs real or animated.

"The other night, and Aardvark [dog character in the movie] came across the screen, and of course she jumps down, runs to the tv, paws up on the entertainment unit, then she tries to sniff it!"

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