Golden retriever jumps out of broken-down car to help ‘push’ it up hill

A lovely dog has become an internet sensation after he was filmed giving his owner a hand to "push" the car.

Kayla Wilson shared the hilarious clip on TikTok where she garnered 1.8 million views since she posted last month.

She wrote in the video: "When your car breaks down and your golden retriever tries to help push it up driveway."

Filming from inside another car, Kayla waits patiently while waiting her two family members push their black Toyota SUV up a tiny slope.

While they are pushing from the car boot, the four-legged friend jumps off the passenger seat and runs towards the duo as if he is trying to offer some help.

Kayla gasps for a second, fearing her dog could get injured as he runs to the back.

He goes in between the men and stands on his hind legs, putting his two paws on the car window.

Kayla watches from behind and burst into laughter while seeing the pooch trying to do his bits.

The two men decide to roll the car back to the pavement until the dog walks away.

She said: "My dog is such a goofball. At least he was trying to help."

Viewers branded Kayla's pet "the cutest helper ever".

"Aww so freaking cute! He just wants to help," said one dog lover.

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Another wrote: "That is the funniest thing and cutest thing at the same time."

A third joked: "Dog said 'looks like you all need a little help'."

Meanwhile, another golden retriever decided to play dead and refused to follow his owner when his playtime was over.

Bam Bam the two-year-old pooch lied on the floor and let his owner drag him across the grass and on to the pavement.

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