Godfather to President Putin’s daughter slammed with EU sanctions – ‘Nowhere left to hide’

Liz Truss announces further sanctions on Russia

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The EU are ever-increasing the names on their sanctions list and the expansion now includes many Oligarchs, officials, businessmen and media figures including Mr Roldugin. The Russian oligarch, aged 71, is the former principal cellist of the Kirov Opera Theatre’s orchestra in the 1980s and it is said he is part of those who threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

EU Foreign Ministers disclosed on Monday: “Mr Roldugin is a businessman with close ties to Vladimir Putin.

“He is part of Putin’s network financial scheme. He owns at least 5 offshore entities and he keeps assets at Bank Rossiya (sanctioned by the Union), known in Moscow as ‘Putin’s wallet’.”

The EU sanctions list means that those who are on it, some 680 people and 53 entities, will have their assets frozen in EU member states and will face a travel ban.

Those who have been added to the EU list most recently are high-flyers within the Russian finance sector, oil industry, government and the military.

The majority of those who are targeted by the sanctions are close friends with President Putin.

As a result of sanctions from across the globe, Russia’s economy has been sent into a tailspin as the Ruble plummeted against the dollar and Russians rush to cash machines while they can.

The EU Ministers stated: “According to the investigation of the ICIJ, Mr Roldugin is responsible for ‘shuffling’ at least 2 billion USD through banks and offshore companies as a part of Putin’s hidden financial network.

“He also took part in ‘Troika Laundromat’, and he funnelled billions of USD through the system. Moreover, he received more than 69 million USD through companies within the ‘Troika Laundromat’.”

The laundromat is a network of 70 offshore shell companies that are used to move billions of dollars of private wealth to the West from Russia.

Others listed in the EU list include President Putin’s press secretary Dmitri Peskov, Nikolay Tokarev, former KGB member and chief executive of Transneft a key oil and gas company in Russia, and Mikhail Fridman, who owns shares in Alfa bank that helped Putin’s daughter Maria run a charity scheme.

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UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced that she was drawing up her own “hit list” of Russian oligarchs to sanction over the next few weeks.

She stated that there would be “nowhere left to hide” for the super-elite allies of the Kremlin.

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