Girl has 40 stitches after dog mauling as hero mum kicked and punched beast

A mum was left hurling kicks and punches at a dog that had its jaws gripped around the face of her four-year-old daughter.

Amy Hobson, 32, had to drag her young daughter Luna-Ann Forsyth away from the clutches of an American Bulldog beast that mauled the youngster, who needed 40 stitches.

The youngster also required plastic surgery to mend the wounds she received when the beast latched onto her face at a friend's home, The Mirror reported.

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A trip to A&E soon followed for Luna-Ann, who was taken there in the back of a taxi after mum Amy was told it would be several hours before an ambulance was available.

Luna-Ann was operated on for two hours, receiving 40 stitches and plastic surgery, with doctors saying the youngster will be left with permanent scarring on her face.

Speaking to The Mirror about the horror incident, Amy said: "The dog came up to me so I gave him a fuss like I always have done, my daughter Luna shouted the dog's name so she could fuss him just like she always has done.

"He got hold of her face and got her to the ground. I was kicking and punching the dog to get him off her and I got my little girl off the floor, and called 999 straight away.

"There was loads of blood. Luna was calm and brave, it was me that was panicking and crying."

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Emergency services were unable to get to the mum and daughter, and instead Amy was left opting for a taxi ride to accident and emergency.

Amy has since hit out at the dog owner, adding: "We are no longer friends as after the attack happened she hid the dog from the police for over 24 hours."

Thankfully Luna-Ann was home safe after a few days in the hospital, with Amy saying she is "still smiling" after her ordeal which left her with cuts that will take around a year to heal, doctors said.

Police have since confirmed the dog, which left Luna-Ann with her injuries, has been seized and destroyed with enquiries into the incident ongoing.

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