Girl, 12, beaten and covered in blood after being attacked outside McDonald’s

A 12-year-old girl was beaten outside a McDonald’s in New Zealand after being “kicked” and “pinned” to the ground. Her mother shared photos of her daughter covered in blood in an emotional Facebook post and police arrested a 14-year-old girl.

The incident erupted on Saturday afternoon when the girl was eating at the restaurant with some of her classmates.

According to the police report it is claimed two girls at another table “mistakenly” believed they were laughing at them.

The girl’s sister told local media the 12-year-old was followed as she left the restaurant and police said she was assaulted by the two girls who demanded an apology.

Her sister told the NZ Herald: “They kicked her in the leg and pinned her to the ground before repeatedly kicking her in the face and forehead, causing her to bleed.

“Even after my sister apologised, the girl proceeded to physically attack her because she had no means of defending herself.”

Her mother told a community Facebook group her daughter had telephoned her in floods of tears.

She wrote: “I quickly say to my husband to go and pick her up, as I sensed something was wrong, my hands are shaking and I feel so nervous.”

She said her daughter was not the type to engage in fights or poor behaviour.

The Filipino nationals only moved to New Zealand in August last year, NZ Herald reported.

The mother said: “She had simply wanted to enjoy a meal with her friends.

“When we arrived at McDonald’s, she was already bleeding, with blood scattered everywhere.”

The child was taken to White Cross hospital for treatment.

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A photo shared by the mum showed the young girl laying on a bed with her clothes covered in blood.

Her face was covered to protect her privacy.

The mother added: “While they may not face legal consequences, we wish to apprehend them, engage in a conversation with them and their parents, and ensure that such acts of abuse and assault do not happen to others in the future.”

New Zealand Police confirmed it had since charged a 14-year-old girl in connection with the incident.

Inspector Stefan Sagar, Waitematā East Area Commander told “Police are continuing to provide support to the [alleged] victim, as well as those in the community impacted by what happened.”

:We acknowledge this was a frightening incident for those involved and we would like to reassure the community we have no tolerance for this type of behaviour, however as this matter is now before the Court, Police are limited in further comment.”

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