Gibraltar fuel panic as Rock police BAN storage of petrol in jerrycans

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The constant rise in the price of petrol is causing a “delicate” situation in Gibraltar. There have been long queues in recent days outside petrol stations made up of both local drivers and those from Spain. This has led many Gibraltarians to fill up jerrycans with petrol.

The price of petrol and diesel has continued to rise “exorbitantly” at all petrol stations in Spain and on the Rock.

Authorities in Gibraltar have warned citizens that storing large quantities of petrol in jerrycans is strictly “forbidden”.

They released an image of a driver leaving a full jerrycan of petrol in his vehicle in the sun.

The Royal Gibraltar Police today tweeted: “We would like to remind the driver of this vehicle that the stockpiling of large quantities of fuel is extremely dangerous.

“It is prohibited under the Petroleum Act.

“In answer to several questions: yes, we did seize the canisters of fuel.

“Yes, the driver will be dealt with in due course.”

The soaring prices have seen Spaniards crossing the border to fill up their tanks in Gibraltar.

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However, the Gibraltarian police have warned that it is forbidden to store large quantities of petrol in jerrycans.

Regarding the post by Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP), quite a few Gibraltarians have questioned officers whether they were carrying out a “check” of Spanish cars as well as those of Gibraltarians.

The Spanish cars have been arriving to refuel on the Rock and then leaving.

One resident of Gibraltar replied to the Twitter posts and wrote: “It could be an idea for the next campaigns.

“More control at the border so that people in Gibraltar don’t need to panic!

“If half of Spain is coming and taking the petrol, what did you think was going to happen?

“Check all those coming in and out at the border with a full tank of petrol and these things will not happen.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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