Giant spiders invade UK homes as experts explain how to keep them out

Experts are urging Brits to draw a line of chalk around their beds and windows to ward off house spiders who hate the taste of the white stuff.

The unwelcome visitors taste with their feet and hate chalk, so with them teeming into houses early because of unusually wet weather and to find a mate – Brits are being told to fight back.

Millions of people in the UK are afraid of the creatures and giant house spiders can bite, but it's unlikely that they will because they don't like humans and will do everything they can to avoid them, The Mirror reports.

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Spiders are effective in clearing flies, ants and other bugs but of course that doesn't mean people swing open their doors for them.

Apart from old school methods like using a glass and a piece of paper, you can use a 'spider grabber'.

These extendable arms have light brushes which grab and contain a spider at arm's length.

However, there are other methods that experts encourage. Spiders taste with their feet, and they don't like the taste of chalk.

Drawing a line of chalk around your bed, along window frames and near doorways will create a no-spider zone which they will not want to cross.

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They also don't like strong smells like those from lavender, and many have the plant growing in their garden. Simply cut some off and sprinkle it in key spider points like windowsills, near doors and dark skirting boards.

You can also buy fresh mint from a supermarket for as little as 65p and sprinkle it along windowsills and in dark corners of skirting boards, where spiders are likely to lurk.

Lemon and citronella sprays will also work, as will removing webs – giving the creepy crawly the message that they should try somewhere else to live.

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