Germany: 250 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition seized from ‘far-right sympathiser’

Police in Germany have seized about 250 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition from a suspected far-right sympathiser.

Officers in the northwestern state of Lower Saxony said the weapons were found in the Seevetal area, just south of Hamburg, during a search on Friday evening.

In a short police statement on Saturday, investigators said that “due to the overall circumstances”, they assumed the man was “right-wing”.

It added that the search was conducted “on the basis of security against the suspicion of a violation of the Weapons Act and the War Weapons Control Act”.

It continued: “In addition to long, short and war weapons, several thousand rounds of ammunition were also seized.

“Due to the ongoing investigations, no additional information can currently be given on the matter.”

Far-right violence has caused increasing concern in Germany over recent years.

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