‘Genius’ Kate praised for ‘helping’ Wills speak to Harry after Philip’s funeral

Kate Middleton’s interaction with Prince Harry directly after Prince Philip’s funeral has been praised by a body language guru and royal experts.

Harry and Prince William were caught on camera chatting together as they walked away from St George’s Chapel on Saturday (April 17) in what many have seen as “showing the world” their unity following reports of an alleged rift.

But it was Kate who was filmed first engaging in conversation with her brother-in-law.

And body language expert Dr Louise Mahler believes her involvement in the chat helped drive the brothers to talk.

She told The Morning Show: “She never moved her head from Harry, she had his attention, she kept the conversation just about the funeral.

“She kept his attention and made it very easy for William just to have a little word in about the funeral and nothing else.

“Kate kept that attention, kept that energy and kept that focus.

“It was genius at work really under an enormously stressful situation.”

The Duchess of Cambridge’s interaction was also a sign of affection towards Harry, fellow body language expert Judi James told this site.

Kate was one of the many Royal Family members brought up in Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive Oprah Winfrey interview.

Meghan alleged her sister-in-law made her cry during a row over the flower girl dresses before her wedding to Harry in 2018.

And royal watcher Ingrid Seward claimed Kate “would have been quite entitled to also avoid Harry” after the comments.

She continued: “She has just got beautiful manners — taught by her mum Carole — and when she sees an awkward situation, she steps in. That’s why she talked to Harry.

“Harry must have felt awkward because he knew the hurt he had caused but Kate was charming to him.

“Kate is a mum of three, she has a husband she needs to support — and I don’t think there is enough time in her life to hold grudges.”

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