Fury as huge mountains of Christmas rubbish dumped outside Asda and Morrisons

Huge piles of Christmas rubbish have been seen overflowing from recycling areas outside supermarkets.

Residents in Sheffield have reacted with fury at the sight of the mountains of waste as people rushed to get rid of their festive season rubbish by dumping it outside the stores.

The massive piles of cardboard, Christmas wrapping paper, packaging and bags of rubbish have formed towering messes outside recycling points at Sheffield's supermarkets after the bins quickly became overflowing, Yorkshire Live reports.

The amount of rubbish that's been dumped at the site has angered local residents, who took to social media to moan about the eyesores after Boxing Day.

The huge mounds of dumped rubbish have been seen at Asda stores in Chapeltown, Handsworth and Parsons Cross.

Morrisons in Ecclesfield has a huge pile too.

Residents in the area have been left disgusted by the mess, especially following the high winds that swept across the country on Boxing Day.

One angered local wrote: "It's absolutely disgusting, the bins are all full, so people have just dumped at front.

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"Why they couldn't just go and try the actual recycling centre at Longley (or Google the opening times first) or even drive down to check if Morrisons bins had space, I don't know."

Another replied: "Selfish people, taking advantage of the store being closed for two days while hard working staff have a rest, giving them more to do when they go back. Disgusting."

While someone else added: "People should be ashamed of themselves! It annoys the life out of me that the blue bin is so small and only emptied once a month but I wouldn't dream of dumping it elsewhere for someone else to sort out."

The rubbish was dumped despite Sheffield Council allowing extra waste to be collected alongside normal bin days during the festive period.

Between December 27 and January 22 residents are able to put out up to two bags of extra general waste to be collected.

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