Furious neighbours hit out at 65ft monstrosity towering over their homes

A towering "65ft monstrosity" has enraged locals living in a quiet cul-de-sac, who say the massive aerial is looming over their homes.

The towering 5G mast appears to have rocked up with "no warning" to the people living in the Balderstone, Rochdale cul-de-sac, where residents have since described their "extreme disappointment".

Residents living in the Balderstone-based community have since piled on with harsh comments over the 5G mast, following that of Claire Brophy's criticism of the "rocket" now looming on the side of her garden fence.

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The "in your face" mast, as one resident described it, has clearly left members of the community extremely disgruntled, reports Manchester Evening News.

Rochdale council had initially refused planning permission for the installation in March last year because it would "represent an incongruous and dominant feature".

But such refusals were overturned, and residents now furious over the 5G mast which appears to have popped up completely out of the blue.

One resident, Amy Openshaw, said: "It isn't nice to look at. When you're in the rooms at the top of the stairs, it is there, in your face.

"We literally went to work and came home and it was there. I'll probably tell more when all the leaves start dropping off, I'll see it a lot more then. There is a lot of open space where it could've gone, rather than literally there."

Another resident added: "I came home from work to find that this monstrosity had been erected at the back of my property. We are extremely disappointed and angry that we were not given a chance to appeal this decision."

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Furious residents appear to have had an impact though, with Rochdale MP Tony Lloyd saying he plans to ask Planning Inspectorate to look "urgently" at the 5G eyesore.

Cornerstone, the company responsible for the build, were rigid in their defence of the eyesore, releasing a statement which read: "Following this refusal we reviewed all our options, but concluded that the proposed site remained the best option locally.

"A planning appeal was progressed and ultimately allowed. The site has now been developed and screening provided by adjacent trees will minimise views of the proposal within much of the local area."


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