France takes on Google as US multinational slapped with £425 million copyright fine

France: Expert discusses decision to fine Google

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France has slapped Google with a €500 million fine after the US tech giant failed to follow demands from French regulators to agree on a fair deal with local news outlets over content. The fine is the largest ever to be issued by the French competition authority to Google. France’ Anti-Trust Authority said that the size of the fine shows just how committed they are to reining in the powerful internet giant. 

RT correspondent Peter Oliver said: “500 million Euros it is a big chunk of change.

“Even if you are a company like Google who it is estimated made around 46 billion already in the first quarter of 2021.

“This is still one of those type of fines that they will feel.

“It is the largest fine that Google has faced in France.”

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“It is the second-largest fine that the French anti-trust regulators have handed out to a single company ever.

‘The reason that they have done it is Google was told that they had to come to some kind of fair agreement with publishers when it came to news on their platforms.

“They didn’t do that they pretty much ignored it as far as what we can take from this.

“That is the reason why they have been slapped with this 500 million Euro fine.”

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“The regulators say that the size of the fine that they have been given shows just how serious they are taking it.”

It comes after the French Anti-Trust Authority’s Isabelle Da Silva issued a strong statement stressing the importance for companies to obey their obligations.

She said: “When the authority decrees an obligation for a company, it must comply scrupulously.

“Both in the spirit and letter of the decision.

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“Here, this was not unfortunately the case.

“The sanction of 500 million Euros takes into account the exceptional seriousness of the breaches observed.”

Meanwhile, Google has said they are “very disappointed” at the ruling.

A Google spokesperson added: “We have acted in good faith throughout the entire process. The fine ignores our efforts to reach an agreement, and the reality of how news works on our platforms.”

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