Fisherman grateful to be alive after 15ft shark tore arm off in bloody attack

A fisherman has said he is "grateful to be alive" after a horrifying encounter with a 15ft shark that tore off his arm.

The bloody attack rendered Michael Simpson one arm down but he is thankful that he was still living after his encounter with the shark, which could very easily have killed him.

Jamaican-born Simpson has nearly three decades of experience at sea, and says the shark attack occurred due to higher than usual winds when he ventured into the Caribbean Sea.

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Unbeknownst to Simpson, those higher winds and stronger currents had started to pull deadly fish into waters closer and closer to the fisherman of 29 years, including a 15-foot tiger shark.

A day of work was cut short by the shark attack, after Simpson fell victim to a 15-foot tiger shark that severed the arm of the fisherman, who found himself fighting for his life.

Simpson said he has been left traumatised by the event that occurred between Half Moon Cay and Miller Bay, which saw him narrowly survive the terrifying encounter with the ocean-based predator.

Recalling his 15 minute brush with death, Simpson said: "I felt something bounce on me, but I thought it was one of my friends at first."

The horror attack has left Simpson heartbroken for his family's future after losing his arm but he said he is grateful to be alive even after the severe blood loss.

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Despite surviving the attack, Simpson lost his dominant right arm, the one he used to take on many of the intense, labour-oriented tasks of fishing.

Simpson admitted that the attack had left him heartbroken, and with just one arm to work with, he says that he finds work hard and ungainly with just the left arm.

The one-armed fisherman has also warned of those wading out to work to be careful and alert while out at sea, saying that they should not allow what happened to him to happen to them.

Many colleagues are said to have cried and swore they would never return to the sea after seeing Simpson, The Mirror reported.

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