Firefighter who posed with Barbie for equality message trolled over her makeup

A firefighter who posted a picture of herself holding a Barbie to promote women in the industry was trolled with jibes about wearing makeup.

Emily Rose posted the picture on the Amesbury Fire Station Facebook page to urge female firefighters to join Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

In response, a woman who is also believed to be a firefighter, said: "Real female firefighters aren't allowed to wear make up. Standards please".

Emily Rose wore pink nail varnish in the photo which prompted the negative reaction from the woman.

Emily had posed with the firefighter Barbie doll which wears protective gear along with a motto on the box which says: "You can be anything".

She donned her uniform and wore make-up and pink nail varnish just like the toy alongside a blurb about the low number of female firefighters.

The post said: "See, even Barbie can become a firefighter. She's inspiring and showing the next generation they can be anything."

Sources and people online claim the woman who responded negatively is herself a firefighter. Her comments prompted a huge backlash online.

Other firefighters even posted official guidelines which state make up and nail varnish can be worn on duty.

The fire service raced to defend Emily by issuing a statement on their official Facebook page.

It said: "We're happy to accept all men and women who want to help their local communities whether or not they wear make up and nail varnish – as our policy shows."

Locals slammed the opinionated woman.

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Jade Elise said: "Real police officers and paramedics wear make up.

"Not exactly going to turn her away when you are in a burning building just because she has make up on."

Karen Saunders said: "What a ridiculous thing to say."

Drew Heaslip added: "If you are ever trapped in a fire we'll tell this woman NOT to rescue you since she has nail varnish and make up on and isn't a real firefighter."

Emily has not commented on the post since, but on the FB page she said: "I've inspired two women to sign up this week. Hopefully more join."

The other woman has apparently deleted her comment and her Facebook page.

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