Final words of mum killed in blaze were Fire! Fire! to heartbroken husband

The final words a husband heard from his wife before she perished in a house fire last night have been revealed.

The unnamed father of two children received a call from his wife, who was shouting "Fire! Fire!" before the line went dead.

Relatives of the couple, whose two children and grandma also died in the blaze, were at the scene today to read messages of condolence left outside the house in Bexleyheath.

A man, who said he was a cousin of the husband he called “Yogan”, declined to give the victims' names, but he confirm that the family were of Sri Lankan origin.

According to several reports, the exact cause of the fire is unknown, but it is believe to have started downstairs.

The man also confirmed the boy who died was four years old and his sister was around just 18 months.

The family had only bought the house three months ago.

Another family member, believed to be the brother-in-law saved himself by jumping out of a top floor window – breaking both of his legs.

Another cousin, known only as “Jega” said: "We've seen them recently at a wedding – two or three weeks ago. Happy children. It's an accident you can't prepare for.

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"I think he said that [he had] a call from his wife and she was just shouting, fire, fire and the call went dead. It went silent."

The man added: “We call him Yogan, he's 40.

“The mother-in-law was supposed to be flying back to Sri Lanka today.

“What I heard is they were packing her stuff to get her to Gatwick today.

“They were upstairs – we don't know exactly where but it might have started downstairs or in the staircase.

“His brother-in-law was also upstairs, he jumped out of the window but he survived.

“It's so sad. It's so sad. Yogan can't speak. It's very sad – it's impossible to describe what he's going through.

"His brother-in-law is in hospital – no one has had the chance to speak to him yet. We've heard broken legs.

“It is a tragedy. You can't prepare for these kinds of things. You never expect things to happen in the family.”

It is believed that the family had lived in the UK for at least 15 years, before the horrific accident occurred.

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