Final cruise ships still sailing with passengers are to dock

The final three cruise liners still sailing with passengers will finally dock on Monday and Tuesday.

The MSC Magifica has already pulled into its final port of Marseille, while the Pacific Princess will dock in Los Angeles later on Monday.

The Costa Deliziosa, which is allowing passengers off on Monday in Barcelona, will carry on to Genoa, where it will stop on Tuesday.

They began their voyages before the coronavirus pandemic had begun to take hold around the world.

All three have been sailing for several weeks with the only stops for food and provisions.

Some cruise ships have become coronavirus hotspots in recent months, with vessels docked in Tokyo and Sydney proving to be particularly badly hit by COVID-19.

The docking of the three liners will mean that every single cruise liner in the world will either be moored in port, or sailing without passengers, with most cruise lines suspending services completely.

Both the MSC Magnifica and Costa Deliziosa set sail in January on a world cruise – when the only infections were in Wuhan in China.

In a statement to Sky News, MSC Cruises, which operates the Magnifica, said: “MSC Magnifica today (20 April) arrived in the French port of Marseille, the final port of call of her itinerary.

“Disembarkation of the 1,769 passengers onboard, of which none are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 and nor are any of the 927 crew members, started earlier today and will continue tomorrow under the auspices of Port Health of Marseille and other relevant authorities.

“The last date that MSC Magnifica allowed any new embarkation of passengers or crew was on 10 March in Wellington, New Zealand, more than 40 days ago. Most estimates of the incubation period for COVID-19 range, according to the World Health Organisation, are between one and 14 days, with five days being the global average.

“All passengers and crew during the past 40 days remained healthy and displayed no flu-like symptoms.

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