Fearless wolverine takes on two wolves on its own in battle for survival

Incredible footage has emerged of a fearless wolverine fighting against two wolves in the icy Russian tundra.

At the beginning of the clip, one wild wolf rests on a snowy slope while its pal patrols around the area on the top.

As one of them goes further behind the slope, a tiny wolverine comes into view and approaches the crouching wolf.

The wolverine, also known as the "mountain devil", circles around its enemy and hisses at the snarling creature in a tense face-off.

With a body size almost half of the deadly predator, the plucky wolverine charges at the wolf in an unexpected attack.

The larger animal quickly defends itself until the other wolf runs over to help. They both attack the wolverine which stands its ground.

After a standoff, the outnumbered creature walks away in one direction as the pair of wolves remains on the icy slope after apparently claiming the territory.

The intense fight was filmed in the northern Russian tundra on March 16 and the footage has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube channel "Yamal Hunter".

Viewers were surprised to see the wolverine coming at the wolves "like a beast".

Most of them said the footage "caught the animal fight at the right moment".

Wolves are considered one of the main predators for wolverines and they constantly claim their territory.

However, despite being small, wolverines have powerful jaws, sharp claws and a thick hide which helps them to protect themselves from predators.

According to reports, grey wolves have killed a large number of wolverines in both North America and Eurasia.

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