Family with 5 kids narrowly avoids being hit by train during photoshoot

We might warn our children to stay away from railway tracks but it seems some adults need a reminder too.

This terrifying video shows a the moment that family in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, who seemed to think that railway tracks might be a good place to stroll and take photos, was nearly wiped out by a high speed goods train.

The family are taking part in a photo shoot, casually ambling along the railway line and hopping on and off the tracks, when one family member yells “here comes a train.”

The group scatters and – more by luck than by judgement – everyone manages to avoid being struck by the huge and terrifyingly fast cargo train.

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All eight – mother, father, two girls, three boys and their photographer – lived to stroll another day.

The chilling CCTV was published by Virtual Railfan, Inc., who reminded everyone to stay off train tracks

One Facebook user, Sami Lynn Mentzer, commented: "An entire family could have been killed earlier due to their stupidity here in front of our local live cam in Greencastle, PA."

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Virtual Railfan, Inc., who provided the chilling CCTV footage, reminds everyone to stay off train tracks – not just for your safety, but because railroad tracks are private property.

They point out also that you can be charged with trespassing if caught on a railroad.

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Trains also cannot stop quickly to avoid obstacles, they say, and it takes the average freight train traveling at 55 mph more than a mile to stop.

Operation Lifesaver, a US-based guide to rail safety, has published a useful set of common-sense guidelines on their website .

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