Family beg for justice after tourist found naked and beaten to death on beach

The devastated family of a holidaymaker found apparently beaten to death and without any clothes on a beach in Puerto Rico are demanding justice.

Alarm was raised over Christian Quezada, 36, from Dallas, when his sister, Cynthia Quezada tried to contact him to say that their father had died.

The body of Christian, who was on a five-day trip to Puerto Rico, was found by another tourist on an island beach about an hour from the mainland.

"We talked to him on Friday. Saturday, we couldn't reach him," reportedly said Cynthia.

The family flew to Puerto Rico to identify the body of Christian, who was originally Bolivia but has lived the last 20 years in Dallas, and they believe looking at the bruising that he was murdered.

“He had a lot of blows to the back, blows to the head, blows to the body, naked with just a shoe on,” continued Cynthia, speaking to

“This was not an accident. I saw the pictures. I saw the place.

“This was a very touristic place … I knew that I had to do something. I couldn’t just be devastated and not do anything.”

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It is reported that detectives are looking into the death and that a person of interest is being interviewed.

"We are begging the Metroplex, and our community here in Texas, and also other authorities to help us, " Quezada said.

"To find and make sure that this crime is solved."

She added: “We have given lot of information to the police, we want justice and we can’t just let this lie.”

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