Exact timing of Putins humiliating defeat in Ukraine detailed by scientists

Scientists say they have worked out the exact time Vladimir Putin's invading army will lose the war in Ukraine.

Russia has been fighting what appears to be an ever-losing war in Ukraine since first invading the country in February.

And now, according to scientist and analyst Andrew Piontkovsky, the game for Putin could be up sooner rather than later.

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Speaking to BBC News, the Washington DC US-based expert claimed NATO could play a big part in how and when it will end.

He said: “Ukraine will win by restoring completely its territorial integrity by spring 2023 at the latest.

“The motivation, determination and courage of the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian nation as a whole . . . is unprecedented in modern war history.

“The fact that, after years of appeasement of a Russian dictator, the West has finally grown up to realise the magnitude of historical challenge it faces.

“The exact timing of the inevitable Ukrainian victory will be determined by the speed at which NATO can deliver a new game-changing package of military assault weapons – tanks, planes, long-ranged missiles.

“I expect Melitopol will become the key battle point in the coming months – maybe weeks – (which will then see) Ukrainians easily move to the Azov Sea, effectively cutting off supply and communication lines to Crimea.

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“Russian capitulation will be formally agreed upon at technical talks after devastating Ukrainian advances on the battleground.”

Piontovsky added the main powers of Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States will then vote for a new “international security architecture”, but he did not go into detail as to what that could mean and what the future for Russia looks like.

In recent months, many experts have claimed Putin could be removed from power within days – possibly hours – after a Russian defeat in Ukraine.

However, the Kremlin has never commented on this.

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