Ex-Russian soldier tells of raping and pillaging in Bucha

Russian TV pundit says they 'look like clowns' after Ukraine loss

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The horrors of Bucha in Ukraine were revealed in April, just months into the conflict when Ukraine re-claimed territory from Russia and discovered mass graves and victimised women and girls. Defected Russian solider Nikita Chibrin, 27, has discussed the actions of the Russians in Bucha.

The soldier left for the West and is currently seeking political asylum in Spain as he declared his readiness to tell an international court the details he knows of Russia’s actions.

The West are working on numerous cases of proving that Russia has committed war crimes in its invasion of Ukraine.

Chibrin and his fellow troops served under commander Azatbek Omurbekov whose troops were said to have raped women and girls in the region and also committed massacres.

The Russian spoke of how soldiers appeared to have developed ‘Rambo Syndrome’ and told of one case where four of his fellow troops raped a mother and daughter in Andriivka, Ukraine.

He said: “There was a case in Andriivka when a mother and daughter were raped. Four men did it.”

The infamous commander Omurbekov was promoted later on in the conflict by President Vladmir Putin from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel.

Omurbekov’s actions in Bucha earned him the nickname of the ‘Butcher of Bucha’.

The Russian troops of Omurbekov’s 64th Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade were identified by Ukraine as accountable for the massacres.

Speaking of his time in the Brigade, Chibrin said the troops “went crazy” under the Butcher of Bucha’s rule.

Chibrin added that the troops actions were the result of developing “Rambo Syndrome” and that as well as rape, “they stole household decorations and mobile devices”.

Speaking to Russian Insider, he said how the soldiers “were going mental” and “many found alcohol in [Ukrainian] houses and drank” which fuelled their behaviour.

Though the soldier said that there was no approval of the sexual violence from higher ranks but that there was physical and psychological pressure on troops of appearing against the invasion in any way.

He added: “Everyone was intimidated that they would cut off their penis or balls or do something else.” 

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Chibring said: “One [rapist] ran away, and the rest were beaten by fellow soldiers and commanders using stools…they wanted to shoot them [for committing the atrocity].

“They could not be charged because there was no evidence, so they were simply dismissed [from the army].”

He added that Ukraine has treated is troops much better with “footage of one of their trenches, where everything was human: shelter, protection from rain, normal beds, and electricity” while Russian troops “did not have normal conditions”.

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