Ex-Met Police OnlyFans cop Officer Naughty quizzed over Wayne Couzens flashing

A former Met Police officer who quit after starting an OnlyFans account allegedly failed to make inquiries about Sarah Everard's killer Wayne Couzens.

Sam Lee, who set up an account as “Officer Naughty” is facing a disciplinary hearing following accusations she didn’t investigate allegations of indecent exposure against the killer police officer.

The former constable in the South Area Command Unit has been accused of “failing to undertake the correct investigative enquiries” in March 2021.

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Couzens had exposed himself to staff at a McDonald's takeaway twice the month before but cops failed to link the crimes to him in time – even though they worked out his name.

Just days later he would go on to kill Ms Everard.

Now a misconduct hearing is set to be held for Lee which is due to begin on May 15 and is set to last seven days.

She also stands accused of having, “subsequently provided a misleading account of her actions when questioned about them.

“It is alleged that in doing so the following Standards of Professional Behaviour have been breached: Duties and Responsibilities; Honesty and Integrity.”

She now spends time posting raunchy images on her social media channels with links to her OnlyFans account.

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The 97 post-strong account comes with the bio: “'INKED British Cop EDITION.”

In October 2020 she drew the ire of her colleagues after she posted an image of herself showing off her tongue stud as she smiled and posed for the camera.

She is understood to have been “given advice regarding her online safety and security” however has since continued to post steamy snaps on the internet.

She was suspended when her account was discovered by senior police officers and she quit the force soon after.


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