Evil men rape dog after stealing it from owner – then abandon it on street

A horrified dog owner has found her missing pooch lying on a street with swollen genitals after being raped by two men.

Francisca Navarro Valdez reported to the police that her dog, named Lyla, went missing last month and claimed it was snatched away by two men in Hermosillo, north-western Mexican state of Sonora.

She launched a social media campaign in a bid to find Lyla and two weeks later, she was told that Lyla was in the area of Las Lomas.

When she arrived there, she found Lyla badly injured and took her pooch to the veterinary clinic where the dog was found to have suffered severe injuries to the genitals.

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In the video taken by Francisca, Lyla is seen lying unconscious on the surgical table with her tongue out.

Francisca says: "My Lyla was raped, her vaginal wall is swollen, she has a swollen vulva.

"She has also been given medicine and is being treated."

The veterinarian could not confirm to Francisca how many times Lyla had been raped, but the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

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Francisca has since reported the incident to the police and the state prosecutor's office has confirmed that they have opened an investigation.

Officers are now hunting the two men who snatched Lyla away.

Local animal rights NGO ‘Pata de Perro AC’ also reported on the case and asked members of the public to help identify the culprits.

Bestiality has been banned in the city of Sonora and is considered a crime, however, it is unclear of the punishment if the perpetrator is caught.

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