Evil killer slaughtered family and tried to pin it on berserk sister

An evil murderer slaughtered his whole family, including two six-year-olds after a killer, as he shot them at home while motivated by a large inheritance.

Jeremy Bamber is serving a whole life order over the deaths of five members of his adopted family, including his niece and nephew, who were both just six years old.

The sickening killings were carried out by a then 24-year-old Bamber at White House Farm in one of Britain's most brutal and well-known murder cases and court trials.

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But for all the gory details that followed in the shooting of the Bamber parents and three Caffell family members, a hefty family inheritance appeared to be his motive.

A total of 25 shots were recorded in the killing of June and Nevill Bamber, both 61, as well as Sheila Caffell, 28, and Daniel and Nicholas Caffell, both six.

The rifle used was said to have been reloaded twice in the killings, which Jeremy was apparently motivated to carry out by the hefty inheritance.

Over £1million in today's money was ready to be left to Jeremy and Sheila, with the latter alleged to have "gone berserk" in a phone call Jeremy claimed to have had with father Nevill.

Police did initially believe Sheila, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, had pulled the trigger before turning the gun on herself.

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As it turned out, Jeremy Bamber had carried out the brutal killing spree and placed the gun into the hands of Sheila, one of the five killed in the attack, before calling the police.

Bamber is said to have done so in the hopes of securing an inheritance, one that continues to be a mark of legal trouble for the convicted murderer.

Prosecutors argued that the inheritance promised to Jeremy and Sheila, a reported total equating to well over £1.6million in today's money, was a lead reason for Jeremy killing his family.

Jeremy has launched two separate legal actions from prison regarding ownership of the estate, with the court ruling against him on both counts where the convicted murderer sought £1.2million from his grandmother and £326,00 from a caravan site.

Bamber has consistently protested his innocence in the 37 years since the murders.

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