Estate overrun by ‘cat-sized rats who gnaw through concrete’ with kids petrified

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An estate is overrun by rats the size of cats, residents have claimed.

They have spoken of seeing the vile rodents dominating the high-rise flats in Coley Park, Reading, in Berkshire.

It has become so bad residents have claimed the creatures are gnawing through the concrete tower blocks.

People have been complaining about the problem for a year but despite measures put in place by Reading Borough Council, the issue has not gone away, GetReading reports.

Steve Weston, 39, lives in Riversley Court with his partner and five children.

He said: "Every block has a problem. It's been going on a couple of years.

"I don't think we're going to see an end to it. There are babies to cat-sized rats. We see some during the day, more come out when it gets dark.

"I was in the kitchen one night and I heard the bin men shouting because they all (the rats) ran out of the bins.

"On the ground floor it absolutely stinks.

"Exterminators are trying to put poison down, but I think the rats are immune to the poison. There are people (exterminators) sitting in the car park in the evening until 12 with guns (to shoot the rats)."

The coronavirus lockdown means residents are spending more time in their flats and are around the disgusting issue on a more regular basis.

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Mr Weston added that the children "are still a little bit petrified".

He said: "They're scared but you get used to it. Even I'm scared of them to an extent, I don't want them near me with their disease.

One of the neighbours who lives in a ground floor flat says she has the filthy rodents visiting her at the moment.

Susanne McNamee, 57, said: "i think there's one still in my bedroom. I can hear them in the walls at night.

"A few years ago I had them breeding in my bedroom

"I've phoned the council many times, they've said it's my responsibility. I don't buy that, because they come in from the outside.

"It smells really bad. Exterminators came a couple of weeks ago, shooting them. They shot about five. It's ridiculous. I've asked to move but nothing's happened."

Reading Borough Council blamed the rat problem on residents leaving food out and not closing their bin lids properly.

A spokeswoman said: "Unfortunately rats continue to be an issue for as long as they have a food source.

"We'd like to thank the vast majority of residents who have with us by putting their rubbish in bins, ensuring bin lids are full closed and not fly-tipping.

"However there remain regular cases of bins being left open and bags of waste being dumped on the ground, both of which encourage rats.

"We will very shortly be running a new campaign across the estate to ask residents to work with us to help solve this problem.

"Pest control also carry out regular additional culls when needed."

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