Emirates stewardess outlines perk allowing her to live lavish lifestyle

Ms Cosoff told news.com.uk about her job with the airline, which is known for its premier service, double-decker A380 aircraft, and impressive hospitality.

She said: “After I joined, I started in economy class for one and half years before I got promoted to business class and the business promotions events team. I have been so lucky. I’ve had the most amazing time.”

Ms Cosoff, who lives in Dubai, described how she is able to earn without paying thousands for accommodation.

She explained: “Our accommodation is provided and salary is tax-free – and not just that, we have a lot of other things taken care of like transport, laundry, we have full medical and dental coverage. We are very well looked after.”

Ms Cosoff said one of the most attractive perks of her job was not paying taxes on her salary, giving her a lot of spare income.

She said: “What was very attractive to me was also not paying tax on top of my salary. I live in my own apartment. You can either get company-provided accommodation or opt for an accommodation allowance.”

The basic starting salary at Emirates is around £970 a month tax-free plus an hourly flying rate of just under £14 an hour.

Combined, the company’s website gives an average monthly salary, depending on number of hours flown per month, of just over £2,220 a month.

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The caveat with this figure is that this is for someone working in economy class; those working in higher classes, like Ms Cosoff, are paid more.

Ms Cosoff said becoming a flight attendant was a dream come true, that she had wanted to be a flight attendant “ever since [she] was a young girl”.

She added: “I remember seeing Emirates cabin crew on TV with their red hats and striking red lipstick and thinking, ‘Wow, they’re so beautiful, I want to do that.’”

Ms Cosoff said she would urge anyone thinking about a career at 30,000ft to go for it.

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She added: “I have learned so much about the world, other cultures and also myself – and best of all you make amazing friends along the way.”

Whilst a career in the skies is a dream job for many, it’s a job which comes with its risks and incidents can happen.

Earlier this month, a British Airways stewardess made a £50,000 mistake on their first day with the carrier at Heathrow Airport. The Sun reported that the employee accidentally activated the emergency air slide whilst onboard an Airbus A350, delaying the flight by five hours.

In a statement, British Airways said: “The aircraft returned to stand and customers disembarked normally. We arranged a replacement aircraft for them to continue their journey the same day and have apologised for the inconvenience caused.”

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