Emergency rescuers save man from castration after metal nut got stuck on manhood

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Surgeons posed with emergency rescuers after both took part in a delicate surgical procedure to successfully remove a metal nut from a patient’s manhood.

The Ukrainian team earlier recorded a picture inside the operating theatre as the man was saved from castration.

Doctors at Clinical Hospital Number 3 in Kyiv “could not cope with such an extraordinary problem on their own”, said a statement.

“Rescuing this part of the body requires special equipment, caution and jewellery-like precision,” explained all-purpose Kiev Rescue Service – a team dealing with all emergencies from fires to gas leaks and underwater incidents as well as search and rescue.

“Along with the doctors, we managed to remove the screw nut from the man's penis. He was not hurt,” they explained.

The rescue team wore their helmets in the operating theatre.

“Be careful not to experiment on your body with foreign objects.”

A female nurse is seen in the picture proudly holding the nut removed from the man’s penis using a precision cutter.

It was not clear how the man came to be incapacitated in this way, but commenters soon started speculating.

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“This was his girlfriend giving him a chastity ring,” surmised one.

Another said the nut’s diameter had not been revealed to spare the patient’s blushes.

Others echoed a complaint that “due to his own idiocy he took the time of such a large team of specialists who could have been rescuing others’ lives”.

The statement did not give more details of the Kyiv man’s identity, and he has not commented.

“Rescuers and physicians were satisfied with the work done, and the victim did not receive a scratch,” said the statement.

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