Embarrassed dog fuming with owner after leaving groomers looking like ‘alpaca’

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An embarrassed dog was left fuming with her owner after leaving the groomers looking like an 'alpaca'.

Poor pooch Roxy did not look best pleased with her her barnet and seemed visibly annoyed with her owner.

In a video posted on TikTok by @erisbaker that has since gone viral, the dog's owner can be seen apologising after the dodgy trim.

The caption read: "I can't stop posting these, she looks like a damn alpaca."

The video shows Roxy clearly upset over her makeover, even refusing to look at or acknowledge her owner.

It has been viewed a whopping 23.2 million times with many joking about what the animal must be thinking.

One quipped: "Don't talk to me, just take me home." A second wrote: "She's like 'this is embarrassing, just drive."

A third added: "If 'just drive' was a dog expression." "Girl I wouldn't talk to you either," said another.

Other viewers commented on how Roxy's new look resembled other animals.

One said: "Lol, at first I thought she was a Llama."

The owner later posted a follow-up video explaining that Roxy's fur gets easily matted and that she was happy with the groom.

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She said: "I actually thanked the groomer for doing what she did to help Roxy.

"We had a snow storm, she also loves the mud more than anything, and happens to get matted extremely easily.

"I do brush her, I do bathe her, she actually had four baths last week. But she's a very happy dog, she's a very well taken care of dog.

"Anyway, thank you to the Karen's for trying to make me feel bad.

"Also I do not think that the groomer did a bad job. She had her work cut out for her."

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