Elle Edwards dad says B&B refused him as hes Scouse during memorial walk

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    The father of Elle Edwards has claimed a B&B owner allegedly refused him during a walk to celebrate the memory of his daughter because he is "Scouse'.

    Tim Edwards is walking all the way to Land's End in Cornwall but his heartbreaking story wasn't enough to win over a B&B owner, who said she 'didn't care' about the walk.

    Alongside his good pal, John May, the grieving father is on the home straight of a gruelling 250-mile journey to the end of the country from Merseyside, to raise money for his daughter's foundation.

    Elle Edwards was tragically murdered on Christmas Eve last year outside a pub.

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    Throughout their mission, Tim and John, a comedian, who's dropped his commitments to support his friend, have gathered enormous support from the public.

    But despite their achievements, they were rendered devastated upon their arrival at a pre-booked B&B.

    John told The Echo that the owners allegedly reacted furiously after hearing their Scouse accents.

    He proceeded to claim that when they got to the property at East Hillerton House in Spreyton, Devon, the owners squared up to them. And while the pair desperately tried to explain their mission, providing press coverage as evidence, he claimed the owners said "we don't care about that."

    The B&B has since apologised and offered to make a donation, according to the pair.

    John told The ECHO: "We had just finished walking and were in the middle of nowhere. We arranged a taxi to come and get us, so called ahead to let the B&B know we were on our way. She asked us if we had been drinking, which we hadn't.

    "She rang back and told us, 'We have children here'. We knew she was going to be trouble. It seemed she switched as soon as she heard the accent. When we pulled up, her husband came out and started puffing out his chest.

    "I tried to say, 'Hello sir, how are you' but he just repeated what she had said about it being his house and there were children there. I tried to explain about the walk and showed them the press coverage we have.

    "Tim even said I'm walking in the name of my daughter, and they said, 'We don't care about that'. We didn't even make it through the front door."

    Tim set up the foundation to keep his daughter's name alive after she was shot by Connor Chapman during a botched gangland hit. The criminal has since been jailed for a minimum of 48 years in prison.

    The two friends embarked on the final leg of their journey on August 7 and expect to conclude their challenge on August 24, which is both of their birthdays — what a way to celebrate.

    Tim is determined to raise awareness of anti-gun and anti-knife crime across the globe.

    John concluded: "This is Tim's mission, and I've taken time out of my life to be here to support my friend.

    "We've been welcomed everywhere we've gone in this amazing part of the country. The way we were spoken to by the couple has tarnished that. We knew in our hearts they didn't want us there because we were Scousers.

    "The owner has called us today and apologised. She told us the way she acted was not the kind of person she was. She told us she would make a donation to the fundraiser.

    "I was tossing and turning about bringing the B&B's treatment to attention, but they were aggressive and shouted in our face. They were willing to leave us in the middle of nowhere. We are trying to do amazing things."

    Luckily, after discovering their situation, another hotel stepped up to the plate and offered them accommodation.

    You can donate to the fundraiser here.

    The ECHO has approached East Hillerton House numerous times for comment but they are yet to respond to them and numerous other titles.

    The Daily Star has also approached them for comment.

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