Eating cheese could be giving you hay fever due to particular chemical

Eating cheese could be turning millions of Brits into a bunch of sneezing hay fever victims.

Certain foods – particularly dairy products such as cheese and sour cream – contain high levels of histamine that make some people itch and sneeze uncontrollably.

Dietitian and TV presenter Priya Tew said: “Almost all foods contain histamine, the chemical our bodies release in response to allergens.

“The longer a food ages or ferments, the higher the level of histamine, and the increased likelihood of impacting the allergy symptoms.

“High histamine foods include aged dairy cheese, fermented dairy creams like soured cream, packaged meat and smoked fish.”

Experts reckon the best way to deal with the problem is to reduce histamine levels by gobbling on different types of grub.

Priya added: “You may want to try plant-based alternatives to dairy products and eat a diet with lots of fresh things like fruit and vegetables.”

This week’s 21C early spring heatwave has sparked a surge in people suffering with their allergies.

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The first pollen bomb of 2022, which began yesterday (Tuesday, March 22) and continues to build throughout the week thanks to the sudden heat rush, has been predicted to bring misery to millions, especially in the worst-affected part of the UK – the south of England.

Also in the firing line will be sufferers across the Midlands and Wales.

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