Eagle-eyed Meghan Markle fans spot first photo of baby Lilibet on desk

Meghan Markle fans are excited after believing they have spotted the first photo of baby Lilibet in the background of a newly released video.

In the clip, published on Archewell for Meghan's 40th birthday on August 4, the Duchess of Sussex pretends to have a Zoom call with actress Melissa McCarthy as they discuss her celebration plans.

The comedy actress jokes that Meghan should have a blowout birthday celebration on a "yacht" or another photoshoot under a tree.

Meghan then announces her new "40 x 40" plan to get 40 of her friends to spend 40 minutes mentoring women who have lost their jobs.

In the background, eagle-eyed fans spot as many details as they can, including a designer Hermes blanket and stacks of her children's book The Bench.

They also reckon they might have caught a glimpse of the first photos of baby Lilibet, who has still not been shown off by her parents to the wider world.

A trio of photos in three silver frames appears to show a baby being cradled in the arms of a bearded man, presumably Prince Harry, although it is not in focus to clearly see.

It is also possible the youngster is her older brother Archie, who is also glimpsed as a toddler in a large frame behind the smaller photos.

A viewer wrote: "I like to think that on the three photos joined, the one in the middle is a photo of Harry holding Lili."

Someone else said: "Looks like photo 1 is Archie, 2 Meghan and Harry, 3 Harry holding Lili about to give her a kiss and 4 Meg or Doria holding Archie."

In the same video, Prince Harry made a cameo in the background while juggling in his Californian mansion garden in what was styled as "bloopers" at the end of the clip.

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