Eager Queens ambitious palace schedule has caught up with her, expert fears

The Queen had an ambitiously busy few weeks of engagements in the lead up to her cancelled plans in Northern Ireland and overnight stay in hospital, a royal expert has claimed.

Queen Elizabeth, 95, was admitted to the private King Edward VII's Hospital on Wednesday in what is reported to have been a 'cautious decision made by her medical team'.

It is the first time her Majesty's been hospitalised since 2013 when she was diagnosed with gastroenteritis – a condition that causes vomiting and diarrhoea.

Gertrude Daly, who runs the Gert's Royal podcast, claims that the Queen had been set an ambitious amount of events over the past few weeks and says people need to remember that the monarch is "getting old".

Daly told the Daily Star: "I think after having so many digital engagements during the pandemic, the Queen was very eager to go out and be seen by her people.

"I think the palace scheduled a rather ambitious few weeks of engagements in October. She’s had events scheduled in all 4 countries that make up the UK."

The commentator says that despite the Monarch's obvious annoyance at having to cancel the trip, she'll know it's important to "not push herself too far".

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"The Queen is undoubtedly disappointed to be forced to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland, especially as it has been years since her last visit," Gertrude said.

"But the Queen also knows it is important rest and not push herself too far.

"Cancelling the two-day visit to Northern Ireland, will, hopefully, mean the Queen is able to keep the rest of her schedule of engagements, included another trip to Scotland for the COP26 conference."

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Daly says that everyone needs to understand that Queen Elizabeth is getting old now and will be "slowing down".

"I think most people would agree a round trip flight and two busy days of engagements is a lot for a 95-year-old. And if she isn’t feeling the best, it is a good idea to cancel.

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"I think we need to understand that the Queen is only getting old, and will be slowing down.

"She is being very well looked after by her medical team, and they will continue to take an abundance of caution to keep her in the best of health."

The Daily Star has approached Buckingham Palace for comment.

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