Dukes daughter fined for speeding pleas financial hardship and pays only £50

Lady Eliza, the daughter of the 11th Duke of Rutland, had a speeding fine halved following a plea that she had financial troubles, despite being pictured wearing Yves Saint Laurent while on holiday.

Eliza Manners, known as a socialite with the reputation of partying with royals and celebrities, was caught driving at 47mph in a 40mph zone near the Grand Union Canal in Brentford on March 28 this year.

The 24-year-old business owner was driving an Audi at the time of the offence, which was captured by a speed camera on the M4 in Brentford.

Consequently, she was prosecuted and has since entered her guilty plea online through the Single Justice Procedure.

According to the Evening Standard, the business management graduate was sentenced on October 4 without the need for an open court hearing.

Despite government guidelines stating that the “minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine”, magistrates do have the power to enforce lower penalties “in exceptional cases”.

As the socialite entered her guilty plea in April, declaring that she did not have any living expenses to the court, she was reportedly fined “less than half of her stated weekly income”.

Moreover, Lady Eliza was ordered to pay £84 in court costs and fees, as well as her £50 fine.

Additionally, the entrepreneur – who launched her own interior design business named Eliza Manners London – received three penalty points.

After writing to Lavender Hill magistrates, in a bid to bypass the costly fine, the Duke’s daughter has been told to “settle the legal debt by the start of next month”.

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The struggling Lady had replied “yes” to the financial hardship question, and had answered that paying a fine would cause her “cash flow issues”.

Eliza, who is the youngest daughter of David Manners, the 11th Duke of Rutland, lives in a £700,000 apartment in Notting Hill.

She is, along with her two older sisters, Lady Violet and Lady Alice, likened to the “Crawley sisters” in Downton Abbey.

The three siblings were once nicknamed the “bad Manners girls” and have been known to be regulars within the London social scene.

Furthermore, Lady Eliza notably held a circus-themed 18th birthday party, which was featured in Tatler magazine.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, the Manners family lived together at their property, the Belvoir Castle, located in Leicestershire, which has been used as a filming location for The Crown and The Da Vinci Code.

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